Why Am I Unhappy?


Superhuman Life No. 17

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Until you get the fastest car, boat, or motorcycle. Until you marry the mostbeautiful girl or buy your dreamhouse. Until you get to the top of yourprofession. Until you have money to burn. Until you fulfil your early promise.Until you get a certain level of security. Until you do these things, you liveto pursue happiness.

That is-you live with the thought in the back of your mind that the onlyreason you aren’t happy is that you haven’t got what you think would make youhappy. But “when you get it” you will be happy!! Just a few get thesethings–people like Howard Hughes or Boy George–and then? Well, then they areso happy they want to die!!

But that’s the people who seem to get to the end of their rainbow. Whatabout you and me-and most of us? Why are we so unhappy? And why do we conourselves into thinking that we would be happy if we had those things that justa few people have attained-especially when we see them so unhappy too? Actually,when we at last get past these temporary hopes and ambitions, we reach a pointin life where we are able to see that happiness or unhappiness isn’t so much thereal problem. The real problem is just a lack of satisfaction with life – afeeling that we haven’t quite lived it as it was meant. We feel we’ve missedsomething somewhere, but don’t quite know what it is. Why do we feel like this?

Created Life

The real reason is that most of us have passed all our years here on earthbreathing sub-standard air, and as a result living a sub-standard life, andfalling far below the person we were intended to be. We were given createdlife-physical, mental, emotional-but within us, deep inside, was the seed ofanother uncreated life. It is spirit-life-the kind that enabled Jesus ofNazareth to maintain serenity despite nails in his hands and the kind thatsurged from his body and healed a woman who had been bleeding for 12 years. Thisspirit-life transforms our physical and mental life so that it lasts forever.

But more importantly, this uncreated, superhuman life enables you to be anddo what you were created to be and do. Without it, you live ahalf-life-attempting only what you can achieve with the minimal powers you wereborn with. Your expectations grow smaller as the years pass, and you fall intothe old debilitating attitudes and habits of thinking that accompany the declineof temporary life.

Because that’s what created life is-temporary! That’s all it was ever meantto be. The creator gave you enough physical and mental life to get you on yourfeet in his world. Then he expected you to turn to him and ask him to begin toinfuse his uncreated life into you. This is the meaning of the tree of life inGenesis 2:9. Most of us, of course, have never taken this step. So we live asub-standard life with substandard resources! The result is we are almostcontinually dissatisfied with life, with ourselves, with the world. We arevaguely unhappy most of the time.

Why do we Refuse Superhuman Life?

Why do we live like this? Why do we settle for this half-hearted, vaguelyunhappy life? Mostly because we don’t think there’s any alternative. We’ve heardso much religious talk that is either infantile or nonsensical. We’ve seen somuch so-called religion that is more ruthless and underhanded than good oldatheism. But there’s another reason that underlies these. It has to do with theway one is supposed to receive this supernatural life. God seemed to place this”tree of life” in the garden of Eden and Adam simply had to eat thefruit of it. He was obligated simply to eat it. Now we can’t see any tree(because that was the way God provided it to mankind in his childhood). Todaywe’re supposed to receive a “spirit” that we can’t see or taste orsmell. We’re not supposed to manipulate our thoughts in a certain way orstimulate our emotions because this superhuman life-spirit is a gift. We’vesimply to receive it and live as if we have received it! It’s all so ephemeraland unreal that most of us reject the whole idea as being too unlike life whereyou get only what you earn and work for. It’s so unlike ordinary existence whereyou can see and taste and touch things that are really real.

Faith and Superhuman Life

Yet all our objections are ill-founded. In fact, our most valuablepossessions were indeed given to us we did not earn them-our eyesight, ourbrains, our arms, spring mornings, our breath. And we do operate byfaith-believing that we can walk even before we take our first steps–believingthat the plane will hold us up even before we take our first flight. We put ourlife into the hands of a stranger when we have general anaesthetic before anoperation. And we often try a new diet or vitamin pill for months with fullfaith before we abandon it. The Creator who has given us eyes that see the worldoffers us a superhuman life that we can depend on. When we do, our real lifebegins!

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