The Timeless Life


Superhuman Life No. 34

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By Ernest O’Neill

Eternal Life

H.G. Wells — and others — dreamed of a “time-machine” that wouldlift us out of the present century and the limitations of our own time-spacelife and transfer us into a larger experience. That is what our Creator has donefor us in his son Jesus Christ. Jesus himself is above time and space — he said”restore to the the glory which I had with you “before the world was”.(John 17:5) This means that He exists above time and space and the limitationsof our earthly existence. In his short time on earth in the first century heexplained to us that we were created to live in that same transcendent timelessstate even here on earth. He put it like this — “I have come that youmight have life and that you might have it more abundantly…set your mindtherefore on things that are above not on things that are on the earth”. (John 10:10 and Collosians 3:2)

Religious Plastic

Just as we call credit cards “plastic money” so there is areligious plastic that substitutes its own limited salvation for this realsalvation which God has given us in his son Jesus. So, conventional religioninterprets these explanations of Jesus metaphorically as meaning that we shouldthink about highly moral things instead of low earthy things. But the Christ(this man who came from beyond the earth) meant what he said. He indicatedthrough his follower Paul that the present state of our lives was like deathcompared to the state our Creator had provided for us originally. He stated thatGod had allowed us to sink into this “second-best-life” to demonstratewhat life on our own would be like. But in his son Jesus Chris the had preservedthe original life and had recreated our original existence in his son so that wemight choose it if we wished. He put it like this: “those of us who weredead in our trespasses and sins God made alive together with Christ and raisedus up with him and made us sit with him in the heavenly places in Christ Jesusthat in the coming ages he might show forth the riches of his kindness towardsus in Christ Jesus”. (Ephesians 2:5-7) We all have had glimpses of thisexistence when the Creator has allowed moments of youthful exhilaration to fillus with the limitless possibilities of the future. At those times, we sense that”everything is possible” and we are filled with an inner joy thatlifts us above any feelings of inferiority or inadequacy. We seem to “forgetwho we are” until a friend or relative “brings us back down to earth”and we fall back into the consciousness of our own “human”limitations.

What is Normal?

These “human” limitations are not “normal human” but “sub-normalhuman”. They are the impaired minds, unbalanced emotions and weakened willswhich have deteriorated under the pressure of our attempt to live in dependenceon the material world rather than God himself. This fearful, anxious state hasbecome our “normal”, and the only way we can escape from theoppression of the world is by blotting out our consciousness of it through drugsor distraction. Even these deadly substitutes to which we have resorted point tothe exhilaration and excitement we were meant to have in our normal day-to-daylife on earth. “Salvation” is God miraculously exchanging our presentlimited and limiting existence for the limitless existence he gave us originallyin his son Christ.

How Can You Become Normal?

How can you yourself be changed from what you are into what you were meantto be? Not by our self-help methods of long-drawn-out struggle and repeatedfailure, but by believing all that we’ve just shared in these paragraphs–and byadjusting our thinking and our acting to the fact that we are now part of theCreator’s superhuman son, Christ Jesus. He has an unlived, unrepeatable lifethat he wishes us to live for him — and that he wishes to live through us sothat he can complete the creation of the universe. The moment we begin to graspthis and live accordingly, that same moment reality begins to break in upon us.The Christ of God infuses thoughts into our minds that we can then follow. Wehave the power now to follow them (though we can still use our free-will toreject them). As we start to follow the impressions he makes upon our minds eventhough they may seem foolish to our friends, the normal life of God replaces theso-called “normal” life we have been living. How does this work out inpractical living? Let’s now begin to share the ways it affects our humanabilities. But the best way for you to know is to begin believing all this now.

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