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Superhuman Life No. 61

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by Ernest O’Neill

We all think we’re made for something special, don’t we? It doesn’t matter how ordinary we are how unremarkable our appearance even how dull our personality seems to be to others. ALL of us feel somehow we were put here to do something special. It may not be something great in the world’s eyes, but is something that we can do in a way that no one else can.

Admittedly this feeling is stronger when we’re very young and it gets pretty battered as we track through the twenties and thirties, but still we continue to feel just a little nudge from time to time. And though we may not have achieved anything world shaking, we nevertheless persist in feeling that we are different from other people–and we are here for some purpose.

And we’re reinforced in this conviction by the simple fact that we are different from every other person in the universe-we may look very like someone else-perhaps we are an identical twin. But we’re not exactly like anyone else. Our brain works just a little differently from everyone else’s; our eyes and face and emotions form a combination that no one else possesses. So, you feel you’re not “completely crazy” when you feel you’re unique because — because you are unique!

Your Personal Destiny

The depth inside you that gives you this sense of uniqueness can be the vital link that opens out for you the special life that you were made for. The Bible refers to that “depth” as your “spirit”. Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 2:11 “For what person knows a man’s thoughts except the spirit of the man which is in him. So also no one comprehends the thoughts of God except the Spirit of God.” In other words, you have a spirit that is deeper than your mind or intellect-and this spirit can receive direction from the Spirit of God. If you determine to make use of this for yourself, of course, there are other spiritual forces in the world that will use your wilfulness to lead you into the pride of spiritualism and so-called New Age thinking. But if you will patiently pursue this under the guidance of the New Testament, you can begin to discover and live the spiritual, mental, and practical life that the Creator planned for you.

It will actually be a continuation of the personal sense of destiny that you have felt at times. Often it will evince the same apparent contradiction of the evidence of your senses that this feeling gives you at present. What prevents this drifting into megalomania or schizophrenia is your patient study of and balanced embracing of the attitude and truth of the books in the New Testament–and of Jesus Himself. However, as you do this you will find a soundless voice within that gives you a solid sense of Someone’s opinion of you that differs from everyone else’s. As you “march to this different drum” in your thoughts and behaviour, you’ll find that the One who made you thinks a lot of you. His high opinion of you is not based on your worthiness-he can see your shortcomings clearer than anyone else-but it’s based on His own love for you. He’s not blind-nor is he a fool he knows your weaknesses and your pride, but His Spirit communicates to your spirit His interest in you–and His awareness of you. This sense of your personal destiny comes from your spirit through its–and really your–intuition of Our Creator’s personal awareness and love of YOU.

Apart From Others’ Opinions

This kind of knowledge wells up within you apart from the opinions of other men and women. It is independent of and usually opposed by the “norms” of society and can grow only if nurtured by your respect for Jesus Christ and the things he said. Such an intensely personal development can fall into psychotic and eccentric behaviour if you do not live in the sane, balanced attitude that fills the pages of the Bible. But, if you do stay close to the spirit and truth of that book, then you can find your way back to the life of intuition that you touched when you were a child. The fact is that this life of real knowledge of God and yourself has been overlaid and displaced by the norms and precedents of human society. But it is possible to be born again into real life — and to continue that life here on earth. Let’s talk more about this in the next article.

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