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Superhuman Life No. 96

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Either you’re a little human animal trying to make your own way throughlife or you’re part of the Son of the Maker of the universe living daily thelife He has planned for you. But only one of these can be true – the other is alie that actually does not exist. This is why the first one is so spoiled byuncertainty, insecurity, and emptiness. It’s the reason the world is so chaoticand frustrated.

The second is the only possible life – because it is reality – you were,in fact, made inside His Son by your Creator so that He could enjoy His Son’slife being lived out through you as you exercise your free will along with His.You have been born into this world to do and be something that God’s Son haswanted from before the beginning of the world. There are certain streets thatHe has always planned to sweep with your hands, certain symphonies that He hasalways planned to play through someone’s hands, and certain words that He hasplanned to speak through your mouth. Each one of us was carefully planned bythe Creator, our Father, and given existence here on earth so that we couldwillingly do and speak the things He wanted to achieve in this world throughHis Son in us. That’s why you’re here !

How Can You Know What to Do?

How can you know what Christ, our Maker’s Son, wants to do in you eachmoment ? Obviously it’s not going to be simply “doing what comes naturally” asa little human animal trying to survive in a world full of other humans. We allknow the fears that drive us to get enough shelter and clothing, esteem fromour peers, and emotional highs because we feel we’re on our own here. Thesenatural drives leave us no serenity to even consider what our Creator wants usto do. So, how do you know ?

The simplest first step is one you can guess – begin to get to know yourMaker ! Stop being stupid – that’s what God said in the Bible – “the fool hassaid in his heart ‘there is no God'”. Stop being stupid – sure, there’sevidence of evolution, but that or a big bang or a decomposing substance or ablack hole doesn’t explain who or what created the first piece of matter thatevolved into all these other forms. So, let’s just face the obvious – somebodymust have made that sky up there – somebody must have thought out the structureof the DNA molecule. The first step to getting to know your Maker is to”believe that he is and is a rewarder of them that diligently seek after him”.

The next step is to express that simple attitude of belief by some actor word or thought. Simply think of your Maker as “up there” – He’s reallyeverywhere – beside you, in you, above you, but the important thing is toexpress to him your respect and gratitude in a thought or word of simplethanks. He has made plenty of moves towards you by creating you and sustainingyour life and breath every day, so it’s reasonable for you to make someresponse to him. Behave in accordance with what you believe is true – you’vethought and acted previously as if he did not exist – now think and feel inaccordance with what you know must be true – He must be able to see you andknow what is in your mind. It’s reasonable to expect that your Creator knowswhat your inner attitude to Him is and that your natural response to hisexistence will mirror the desires of His Son in you.

So this kind of inner and outer behaviour is the most primary andpractical way to orientate yourself to the fact that Christ is in you and thatyour actions and words will reflect His. This kind of attitude adjustment tothe perfect ideal could be practiced by a good Muslim, Buddhist, or Confucistall of whose prophets teach that the divine spirit is merciful and truthful,but Christ says that He Himself is actually in each of us and that we are inHim – personally. So it is not simply us adjusting our human attitudes to whatwe think He would want to do, but behaving in faith that He is within us andwill act and think inside us as we behave realistically. It is faithrecognizing what is actual — not faith trying to make something actual.


The simplest step into realistic life then is to live in God’s presence- to govern our thinking and speaking and feeling by the fact that His Son,Jesus Christ, is in us and that we are part of Him. In this way we have achance of real communion or friendship with our Maker. We certainly would notexpect Him to deal with us if we do not believe he’s here so the first step inwalking with Him in friendship is to respect Him and His presence in us andwith us. This is normal respect among beings and is just what is appropriateand right in this instance.

As we begin to live like this, we find a gentle restraint coming intoour thinking and speaking so that we are drawn out of the prison of our ownpersonality and character. Little by little we find a different spirit movingus and enlarging our sympathies and attitudes. This is the start of a change inour spirits – the real heart of our lives.

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