How Do We Then Live?


Superhuman Life No. 104

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by Ernest O’Neill

If you are not just a collection of atoms thrown up by some mindlessexplosion millions of years ago but were in fact created by an intelligent andloving Being as part of his own Son, how then would you live ? Obviously verydifferently from the strategy you use if you have to depend simply on your ownwits !

If the creator of the cosmos had such a detailed purpose and design aswe find in human and animal bodies, in the complex design of DNA and the chartof the elements, then he must have had some carefully thought-out plan for yourown creation. That is exactly what his son explained 2000 years ago inPalestine – He said “you in me and I in you” and “we must work the works of himwho sent me”. One of his followers stated “we are God’s workmanship, created inChrist Jesus, for good works which he has prepared beforehand that we shouldwalk in them”. In other words you’re not here just to make your own way as bestyou can; you are part of the Son of the Creator of the universe and He has putyou here to do something that can be done only by Him through you !

How do you find that out ? First, by paying attention to the one youknow must be aware of you – the one who originated everything we see around us.It’s only a fool who says there’s no such being. All of us know that the skydoesn’t “hang” there by its own strength and wisdom. We know from experience atmaking automobiles and machines that these complex mechanisms don’t jut comeinto existence by chance. So it’s downright arrogant to walk out in the morningand pretend that there’s no one watching over us to see if we’re OK. That’s thefirst step in rational living – acting in the light of the fact that someonehas put you here and that he has as certain a path in mind for you as he hasfor Mars and Venus. You can call this “belief” if you wish, but really it’sjust simple common-sense.

The next step is to want to know what your creator has for you to doduring your life on this planet. Again, it’s simple common-sense not to want towaste your time and effort in futile activities that just pass the time orplease others who have no idea why you’re here. As you begin to honestly wantto find out what you’re here to do, the kind Father who made you inside himselfwill begin to communicate deep within you some mental impressions or feelings.Deep in your spirit you’ll have some ideas of things you should think about ordo. Little by little, you’ll sense that there is someone like Jesus Christ whoexists and is aware of you; you don’t have to imagine what he’s thinking: justbehave appropriately. As you start living in this reality you’ll become moreaware of thoughts and attitudes that seem to come from someone else – this isthe spirit of our Maker touching your own spirit. It all happens very naturallyand unremarkably because God works through the very things that He himself hasmade and designed. Often therefore you’ll find that your natural abilities andgifts are part of his plan for your actions; however, at other times you’llsense you should do something that doesn’t come so naturally to you. In thisway you’ll gradually “set your thoughts on things above” and less “on things onthe earth”, but always you’ll be able to check these intuitions against thekind of life that Jesus lived in the first century here on earth.

You’ll become increasingly aware of a deeper sense of what you should doin certain situations; somehow your conscience will give you a desire to pleaseand not to offend your dear Father who made you. As you respond to that senseof certain things that are not just right but are personally pleasing to yourmaker, the guidance of your conscience will become clearer. The more youexpress your own respect and concern for your maker, the more your feelingsbecome those of a dear son or daughter, who loves their father. Far from beingimpulsively impelled to sudden, unnatural actions and reactions, you’ll findyour life gently opening out to new attitudes and ways that were unknown to youbefore. Often you’ll sense that there are simply more kindly and fragrant waysto say and do things; you’ll see that there is something higher than just rightor wrong – there are more graceful things and less graceful things. Thussuperhuman life is a more beautiful life. Indeed you’ll see many wrongattitudes simply falling way in the “expulsive power of a new affection”.

This new life that revolves around the presence of your creator enablesyou to see everything in a new light. The place where you work seems moreinteresting as you see different levels of life and understanding in the peopleyou work with and the things you all do together. The desire to please theauthorities seems to imprison so many and the consequent anxiety steals much ofthe spontaneity from those you work with. You yourself sense that your futureis in your creator’s hands and not your boss’s; the result is that your fearfades away and you start to be more natural and confident with others. It’sthen that you see clearly the shadow of fear and anxiety that hangs over somany and spoils the “fun” of work. Fear of man is dispelled by your love ofyour maker and your confidence in his care for you. So also your attitude toyour own work on earth changes

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