Your Other Self


Superhuman Life No. 107

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by Ernest O’Neill

You’re not just another little speck of nothing thrown up by someimpersonal evolutionary force — you’re a special, unique person made by aloving father inside his only son !! Of course you’ve known that all along –you’ve always felt you’re unique; in fact, you’ve never met anyone else exactlylike you. Similarly you’ve never seen explosions that create order — theyalways create disorder and chaos. But popular (not real) science keeps tellingyou that some prehistoric explosion threw you up out of the chaos and you’rejust a little collection of meaningless atoms.

However history tells a completely different story of your origin. It’sjust that both the civilizations of East and West have hijacked parts of it fortheir own purposes. Each tries to prove by it that it’s superior and ought tokill the other one; so each misses the reality of it and continues to destroyeach other and commit all of us to nothingness. The truth is that both Mohammedand Jesus are great prophets and have given their great traditions to East andWest, but Jesus was also the only son of our creator. He actually existed withhis father, our creator, before the universe was made — and our creator madeus inside his son !

That’s the big difference ! Islam is a precious tradition and its waysare treasured by all Moslems, but Mohammed never said that everyone was madeinside him — Christ did — history records his words – history that isdocumented carefully by manuscripts written within a hundred years of his life.He said “you in me and I in you”. His companions said “you are God’sworkmanship created in Christ Jesus for good works”. Then – you appeared onearth in your mother’s womb — “your eyes beheld my unformed substance”. Soyou’re actually part of God — part of the body of his only son — and he hasthings to do through you. This is why you’re here.

Why then do we live as we do ? Because our creator gave us free wills– so that we could ignore the real person inside us if we wished. He didn’twant us to submit to his plan just because we’d tried no other — this is whyhe has permitted us to hurt him and his creation. This is why our world is sochaotic — even its atmosphere has been affected by our self-centered lives.But inside you there has been Christ himself patiently suffering and waitingfor you to allow his life to begin operating through you. This can start onlywhen you realize the truth behind your existence and begin to acknowledge hisexistence in you and your existence in him.

How does it come about ? Really it’s like everything in ordinary life– the air is there all the time, but it’s no use to you unless you breathe it.Christ, God’s son, is in you, but you’ll never experience his wisdom unless youtake the attitude that it’s there and live your life in gratitude. Thengradually you see things and understand things you never did before. One dayyou awake and realize you’re different from what you used to be — you thinkdifferently, you behave differently, you even feel different. Religious peoplecall it faith, but it’s just recognizing reality and living in it. Some peoplesay you’re living by the spirit of Christ within you instead of by animal-likeresponse to external stimuli. Paul, one of Christ’s followers said “I live, yetnot I, but Christ lives within me”. However you express it, your life begins toexpress order and peace instead of disorder and worry.

Others have said that they live now by their conscience and not by whatother people think of them. But Christ will often go beyond conscience becauseit often guides you according to the norms of the society in which you’rebrought up.

At times his attitude will challenge those norms — especially if you’rea cannibal or a legalist or free-thinker. Sometimes his spirit will be moremagnanimous and sometimes more particular than your conscience or your peers.

But easily the biggest difference is loneliness — it means the end ofever feeling alone again. Now you know that your dear father who made you knowsevery single detail of your thoughts and actions and location. His son insideyou keeps you constantly aware of his father and you share their closeness toone another every time you remember the reality of your life.

So your other self is really your only self. The lonely, uncertain selfyou’ve endured so far in your life never actually existed — its earthlyconsciousness was only the remembered ghost of an old self that was destroyedby your creator in timeless reality where he dwells. He allowed you toexperience that unreal life so that you could use your free will to choosebetween that and reality. So if you ever slip back into its narrow,self-centered attitude you feel immediately the desolation of deadness becausethat’s what it is — and has always been. Your “other self” is your only realself that will exist forever.

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