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Superhuman Life No. 108

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by Ernest O’Neill

Have you ever been surprised at some of the good feelings you feelrising inside you ? Even the worst of us have moments when we are surprised atthe good things we think of doing. At times we have just surprised evenourselves. It’s as if there’s another person inside you who acts and thinks andfeels better than we do. Sometimes we refer to this as our better selves yet weknow that it is us ourselves in some strange way.

The explanation is the reason behind our existence. A unique human beinglived in the first century of our era in the Middle East who spoke and behavedbetter than anyone who has ever lived on our earth. The history books of thetime — by Latin writers like Tacitus and Tertullian and Jewish writers likeJosephus and Paul — detail this human life and death so reliably that it issimply logical to conclude that this man was actually the only son of ourCreator. This man, Jesus, explained that he was alive with his Father when theworld was created and that we all were actually made by God, his Father, insidehim himself. So this Jesus was not just a prophet or a great religious leader– he is actually the son of the Maker of the universe.

His words are recorded and copied in thousands of ancient manuscripts sothat their historicity is more established beyond all doubt. Moreover hedemonstrated his power to leave life here on earth and return to it during hisfirst century life in Palestine. Throughout the centuries since that time hehas been regarded by the leading civilizations of mankind as the only son ofthe Creator of the world. In his own words he said ” you in me and I in you”and one of his disciples said “he was the first-born of all creation – allthings were made through him and in him all things hold together”. He is theperson inside you who constantly endeavors to fullfil his father’s will throughyou — that’s why you feel at times as if there’s another guiding voice orperson urging you in certain directions.

The great Being who made everything put you here to do certain thingsthat He can do only through you. Another of his followers put it like this –“we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works which God hasprepared beforehand that we should walk in them”. But this is all done by ourCreator so finely and intricately that his will works through our wills so thatwe are not like robots but more like the people referred to by Paul (another ofhis followers) — “workers together with God”. This man emphasized howimportant it is for us to exercise our wills in an active way and to avoid allpassivity — “work out your own salvation…for it is God that works in youboth to will and to do what he wants”. He explained that “God works all thingsaccording to the counsel of his will” and that “all things work together forgood to them that love God”. Although our Creator is all-powerful, he is ourloving Father and wants us to come into a loving trust in Himself that is thefree decision of our own wills. So the urgings that you feel at times insideare his wooing you to acknowledge him as one who has made your part of himselfand wants you to enjoy fully that reality.

That is the purpose of this world in which we live — it is really ahuge picture of what life without God would be like. It is life as it would bepermanently if we were all left to ourselves to do just what we wanted ratherthan what He wants. So every day we face the opportunity to live out the lifethat our Maker has planned for us — and to simply enjoy exercising our willsand minds and tongues and hands to do those things. Or we can ignore this wholereality and pretend we are just little specks of nothing who have to make itthrough the day as best we can ! But the facts are that everything in theuniverse is working powerfully to facilitate God’s plan for each one of us.This is why millions of us do all kinds of diverse things and perform all kindsof complicated maneouvers each day without crashing into each other or creatingabsolute chaos. Out of the billions of ways wind could blow and objects couldfall and air and water could behave, multiple events happen every second thatare filled with intelligent design and direction. Behind all this activitythere works a dear, loving Father who cares about you and everything else.

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