Blog Post #2: A Time of Spiritual Awakening


If you ask yourself, “what kind of Podcast is this?” It will be different than many others. We will be sharing ‘revival talks’ that took place on the University of Minnesota from the late 60’s on into the 80’s. This was a time of Spiritual Awakening, when both young and old hungered and experienced God’s touch in our lives.
I was one of many who experienced a touch from God, it changed the direction of my life forever. Our website, Truth Matters contains approximately 1,500 talks by Rev. Ernest O’Neill. They range from five minutes to one hour and cover various topics. The topic we will focus on is the Spiritual Life Series. It centers on God’s plan for us, i.e., becoming a New Creation, filled with the Spirit and anointed with God’s power.
These talks are not meant to be a “How To” teaching, something like steps for you to follow to achieve a deeper understanding of God. This is our goal, each week we ask you to set aside a quiet time to listen to a sermon. I will post a talk each week. Let’s open our hearts, and ask ourselves, “what is God saying to me?” This allows us to hear God speak personally. There may be questions you have; we invite you to comment below the talk. If we find there is a particular subject of interest, we can start a group with more detailed discussion.
I invite you to start with this first lesson, “How to Walk After the Spirit”. You have the choice to watch, listen or read each talk. It is my hope, that as we do this God will bring together a group of likeminded men and women, who then can start their own group. Who knows, we may be able to have Zoom discussions. God wants to come alive in all of our lives TODAY.

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