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We live in a day when the spin you give to information often blurs reality. The present administration has a program called “Affordable Clean Energy” which is an attempt, for one thing, to revive the use of coal for electrical power. It was invented as a replacement for the previous administration’s “Clean Power Plan.” That CPP was never allowed to go into force not least because of the great antipathy of the conservative legislators in congress toward that previous administration’s attempts to preserve the environment.

We now in this blog would like to investigate what is the actual situation. That the present administration was concerned to not appear to be “bad guys” in regard to the environment seems to be implied in the name given to their new proposal, calling it Affordable “Clean” Energy. In light of that inference I think it is fair to inquire in what respect the new power plan is “clean.”

By the Environmental Protection Agency’s calculation under this new “Affordable Clean Energy,” the use of coal by 2035 would go up by between 7.4% and 9.5%. What will be the environmental consequences? Two of the sweet (noxious) fumes Americans will continue breathing are, Sulfur-dioxide and Nitrogen oxide. Yes, they will be reduced, but by a mere 1%-2% where the previous administration’s plan would have reduced them by 20%. The emissions of Sulfur could result in an additional 1,400 additional premature deaths per year. Similarly negative conditions will go on for mercury and fine particulate matter in the air. (Source: https://www.economist.com/united-states/2018/08/21/the-trump-administrations-latest-plan-to-prop-up-coal )

To put a spin on my version of truth could be completely harmless, but here we have a situation of the American people being blindly led into a future that holds perils which could have been avoided.

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