Worldinvisible offers thought provoking video messages (5 to 50 minutes long) on topics like Relationships, Anxiety, Financial Struggles, Apologetics and our relationship with God. It is sponsored by Christian Corps International, founded in 1970 by Rev. Ernest O'Neill in the U.S.A. Ernest O'Neill was ordained to the Methodist Ministry in Ireland in 1960, and later founded Campus Church in Minneapolis, an independent non-denominational church, to demonstrate the intellectual validity and spiritual reality of Jesus Christ on a secular campus. We do not solicit or accept donations. To see the full catalog of 1000 talks and transcripts visit www.worldinvisible.com. Ernest O'Neill also hosts a thoughtful series of 5 minute talks at www.livingdailyinreality.com

Ernest O'Neill was ordained as a Methodist minister in 1960, but he continued to struggle with internal sins such as anger, envy, and selfishness. Through sincere searching and obedience to God, he received a pure heart from the Holy Spirit. Although Ernest O'Neill, as an ordained Methodist minister, outwardly led a clean life, internally he battled with envy, anger, lust, and jealousy until the Holy Spirit intervened.


About Ernest O'Neill - Chapters:

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:27 Birth and Early Life
  • 1:27 Basic Education
  • 3:36 Jesus as my Guide
  • 4:53 Glory of God
  • 8:22 Miracle of Holy Spirit
  • 9:46 University Life
  • 11:59 Casamiento
  • 14:15 Moving to America
  • 15:34 Controlling Inward Sins
  • 19:04 Holy Spirit Guidance
  • 23:22 Crucified with Christ
  • 26:12 Anger Management
  • 29:22 Holy Spirit Clean my Heart
  • 31:58 Peace in my Heart
  • 33:50 Privileged People
  • 34:32 Clean Heart
  • 37:46 Thanking Lord
  • 38:39 Pray for all Brothers and Sisters
  • 39:07 End