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Be Still and Know that He is God

Be Still and Know that He is God

Sermon Transcript by Rev. Ernest O’Neill

The reason we are here is not just for our own little selves, the little image that I am of my father or that you are of your mother, but that for each one of us here – there is nobody like us. And it’s true even when you think of the most pathetic drunk, or the prostitute, or the least little shriveled old lady there is in some slum in Egypt, each one of them is unique, and you know fine well they have no notion of that, none at all. So there are people dying at this very moment that think they are less than dirt. And in fact there is no one else exactly like them; God has made each one of us absolutely unique and for one reason; it’s just so that Jesus would live in us, that Jesus would be seen in each of us. And not only that he would be seen but that his unique version of himself, which is the person themselves, would be seen and respected and loved. You and I are not just empty bottles into which God pours the remarkable Christ Jesus, you and I are different bottles from each other. We’re not just containers of Jesus, we are actually the only version of Jesus that exists or that will ever exist.

And every time we discover the incredible individuation that has taken place in nature we’re astounded! We cannot believe that every ice crystal is different from every other one! What more could you ask to reinforce the truth that therefore each human being is absolutely different from every other human being. So it just breaks your heart to think of the number of people that will die today and will think they are nothing and that they are less than nothing. They will think that they are less than the dirt under men’s feet.

You think of all the people my wife and I saw in India, people that had been burned terribly, and we saw them carted about in carts to keep their skin from touching against anything because it was so unbearable. And they were obviously regarding themselves as nothing. And lepers with withered limbs who have no doubt that they are the ugliest thing in the whole world and that nobody could care about them at all, yet each one of them is unique and each one of them is somebody that Jesus would hardly touch but they are part of Jesus. He is in them and they are his.

That’s part of what we’re to share, that’s part of it. That’s why I keep reminding you of the tremendous opportunity and how absolutely infantile it is to think that we have to persuade everybody of our little view and it’s a chance to get them all converted. No. It’s a chance to keep them from the hopelessness of untruth. From the dreadful death that they have to go through thinking that they are nothing. No, we can have faith, we can change that. We can let them know they are really something and we can do it in all kinds of ways. You know it yourself; even the little we know of the internet and the little we understand of computer language you know there are millions of ways to have images on the internet that will bring home to them that they are unique and they are part of God’s own son.

So that is overwhelming and I would bring that home to each one of us today; that that is in fact why we’re alive. God is so good to us; he knows our frame, he knows we’re weak, he knows that we’re dumb and so foolish that he says, “Eat this bread and this bread is me. And as you eat this bread I myself am coming into you and I am part of you and you are here to have my bread inside you, to have me inside you. That’s why you’re here. You’re here so that I, who come into you, am inside you so that I can live in you.”

I’d just remind you how shallowly we receive that. How easily we say “Oh yes, Jesus come into me.

Come into my heart Lord Jesus.” And all the time we’re thinking that metaphorically that’s right. Somehow it’s as if he’s in me.” Then we rarely speak to him, or if we speak to him we speak to him way out there at the right hand of God. There is none of this when we stretch out our hand “ask him if he wants to stretch out his hand? It’s MY hand – he’s at the right hand of God. Oh sure he’s kind of in me, but it’s not his hand…well it is his hand sort of. There are so many things to do, I have only so many years to live and there are lots of things to do. I can’t keep thinking ‘does he want to stretch out this hand’ I’d end up bonkers in a psych ward.”

So somehow we know he’s in us, but we really live as if we are in charge and this is our life. We do consult him and sometimes we feel his strength, but it’s very hard for us to get hold of the idea that we are here to let him live in us, to let him live his life through us. We say those words to each other, but it’s hard to keep that in mind. So we get very wrapped up in our own lives. I have a prescription, 12 & 6. Twelve noon, you pause for a minute and say “Christ, have you things you want to do through me during these next six hours?” And we believe it, we don’t just say it but we think “Lord, this is your life. Have you anything that I’m going to be involved in outwardly where you want to do something or say something?” At 12:00 every day you take a minute – what’s a minute? You take a minute.

We all know fine well you can very well do it in the car when you’re driving in certain situations, but you certainly could pull off the road and just give a minute. And then at six o’clock every day you pause, you just pause and look up to the Father — you pause in his presence for a minute, “In quietness and confidence shall be my strength.” You do that for a minute every day at 12:00 and 6:00 pm to stop the onward rush, to take your eyes off yourself and to take yourself out of that assumed attitude that we all have that “Oh yes, Jesus is in me, but I don’t have a lot of time here, I have to get on with things. I have eating to do, I have selling to do, and I have spending of money to do.” But twelve o’clock every day you say to him “Christ, have you something that you want to do through me these next six hours?” And then at six o’clock you look up to God for a minute and you say “In quietness and confidence they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. Lord I wait upon you. In quietness and confidence shall be my strength.” So you look up to him and you rest in him for a minute.

So its two minutes, but it gives you a chance to live in reality. Otherwise we all know the way it goes; it just goes on and on and on. It’s so busy, so busy and no real awareness or respect for him who is us and in a funny way no respect for ourselves. No respect for the great privilege we have of being alive in this world. And most of all of not only being a container of him but being the only expression of him that is exactly like us. It’s really acknowledging him as our Lord and as our God and acknowledging that we are part of him. Giving him the chance to have a say in our life? His life — giving him a chance to have a say in the way he lives his life here on earth.

Just twelve noon, say directly to Christ, “Lord Jesus, have you something that you want to do in me or that you want to do here on earth during these next six hours. And then at six o’clock; “in quietness and confidence shall be my strength.” “Be still and know that I am God” I’ve found to help me. “Be still and know that I am God.” To tell you the truth just the words “be still” stop me thinking, thinking, thinking. “Be still and know that I am God.”

So that’s my message: that we are here for Jesus to live his life. That’s why we’re alive. That’s why you’re alive, that’s why I’m alive. That’s why God created us; so that his son could live the

life that he has planned in each of us and that’s a practical thing. That’s why I say twelve and six. At twelve speak to Christ, “Lord have you something you want to do these next six hours in me or through me.” And then six o’clock “be still and know that I am God” — just wait for a minute before God.

Let us pray.