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Day 58: Just Step into Reality!

Day 58: Living Daily in Reality: Just Step into Reality =======================================================

Our Maker designed us to develop the world in dependence on Him, but we have perverted our human nature into a carnal nature that is dependent on the world.  Only He can replace this perverted nature with the human nature that has been recreated in his son outside time. But he will do this only if we are willing to die to the unconscious, involuntary dependencies that enslave us to things, people, and circumstances.   His Son’s Spirit enables us to experience his freedom as we see and accept the deliverance that has been wrought in the parallel universe of eternity.     Â

It is a present, continuing experience each day where we daily choose the apparent need of the day or the reality of infinite, eternal existence. The eternal existence is the reality which God has brought about in his Son in whom we were all originally made. He bore within himself the present godless life that we have chosen so that His Father was able to destroy it and re-create in him the eternal life that now exists outside time. This is why Paul wrote to the Corinthians, “ you have died and your life is hid with Christ in Godâ€(cid:157) – because this present life we live now is a “passing sceneâ€(cid:157) – a scenery-set that has already been removed and replaced by reality in that parallel universe of relative time and space that Einstein showed us.

This is why the Bible urges us repeatedly to “get realâ€(cid:157) – “put off the old man and put on the new manâ€(cid:157) – “put on the Lord Jesus Christâ€(cid:157) – “stand therefore in the liberty with which God has made you freeâ€(cid:157) - and Paul says, “I live this present life – yet not I , but Christ lives within me – by the faith of the son of Godâ€(cid:157).  Our Creator gave us the freedom to choose our own world so that we would see plainly what he was not, but at the same time in eternity he remade us and our world the way he wanted.   That world is the real, lasting one – and it already exists (in a different part of the universe) and he now says to us daily, “Be what I’ve made you in reality – just turn around and step into it – don’t waste your days trying to make this present world like the real one – just be by faith what I’ve made you.â€(cid:157) Â

But we toil laboriously to improve ourselves and our world by our own efforts.  And we apply it even to what we think the Creator has done for us, so that it too becomes dependent on our own efforts and will-power.  The reality is that the change has been wrought already to our world and to us: your real being is “right next to youâ€(cid:157) waiting for you to put it on.  That’s why it comes by faith – just believe this and act accordingly – and you’ll find it’s true! Our Maker has foreseen all this – He determined early on that He would bear with us “whateverâ€(cid:157) in order to enable us to be his real children who would love because we wanted to – not because we had to.  So your

“new clothesâ€(cid:157) are ready – now give up your own “filthy ragsâ€(cid:157) and step into the new you that has been ready from eternity!

We, of course, are inextricably caught and bound by our self-centered, self-dependent, self-asserting egos and we persist in interpreting all this as something that we have to bring about within ourselves by our own thinking and willing.  We continue to interpret “faithâ€(cid:157) to mean controlling our own minds and emotions so that we make this whole, miraculous, marvelous transformation take place in us.  But that’s not how you stay alive – it’s not how you breathe. You don’t have to make your lungs and your body and your blood do all the things they have to do to keep you alive – you just have faith that the air you breathe and the food you eat will somehow nourish your body and give you strength to stay alive.  The work is done for you – indeed the blood circulation and the sino-auricular node are so complex that you yourself still don’t understand exactly how to get them to work if they do go wrong.  The work is not yours – it’s a gift of a body that you’ve been given. You just believe that and live.

That’s why we’re told simply to “put off the old manâ€(cid:157) and “put on the new manâ€(cid:157) in Christ – because a “new manâ€(cid:157) version of you is waiting – in infinite time but ready to be transferred into time here by your Maker!  All you do is – step into it!Â