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Day 72: You are a Unique Variation of our Creator

Day 72: Living Daily in Reality: You are a Unique Variation of our Creator ==========================================================================

Our Maker made us in his image so that He could express all his glorious richness, and we could enjoy it firsthand. So you express part of Him that no one else can. That’s why you’re here – to mould his world in ways that no one else can by his power. You’re not here to die like a dog – and never be seen again. You’re here to live forever, but only your Maker can make that a delight and joy for you – and all of us. You yourself would make it hell! So God has put you in this world – which we have distorted by trying to get from it what we can get only from Him – so that we’ll choose to reject that self-centered life and allow his unself-centered life to fill us. Only then will we begin to use the world and stop abusing it – only then will we really be able to subdue it to his will instead of being subdued by its will.

So we are here to be like God – through living in his Son in whom we have been made. This transforms the state of marriage and home-life – which both exist to reveal in us God in whose image we have been made. Today we think they exist for our benefit so that we will be satisfied but they exist so that we will lose our life (like God) and find it! Just as He Himself produces others like Him through his forbearance and readiness to be crucified, so we produce others like Him when we do the same. When marriage is unselfish it succeeds – when it’s selfish, it fails. How often do you give in? Until the other person starts giving in, too. How often do you let the other person have their way? Until they start wanting you to have your way. How long has God let you do what you want? As long as you want! Such a marriage will never work, we say! But it’s the only way it will work! Such forbearance and love will never survive, we say!Â

But Christ has done quite well – and God is still in his heaven! Such a ridiculous pacifism would destroy communities and nations! But we’re talking about individuals and their attitudes to each other not the restraining of forces created by many wills acting together – only the laws of God can defend us against that. But only the grace of love can express our Creator in you.

This then is the goal and purpose of our existence – to eventually agree to our Maker’s Son expressing himself in us personally. How long will God keep giving us such an opportunity? As long as it takes! His only Son, Jesus once stated clearly how often one should forgive – “seventy times sevenâ€(cid:157) – or as long as his Father’s “steadfast love that never ceases and his grace that never comes to an endâ€(cid:157).Â

Could that take life even beyond physical death? Of course! Certainly God stated through his son that “there will be no murderers or adulterers in heavenâ€(cid:157), so the implication is that the ideal world

will be possible only when it is filled with people in the image of God Himself – but Jesus said that “in God’s house are many mansionsâ€(cid:157) so that even if other parallel worlds are required, the Creator will forbear until each of us finally enters into the reality he has created for us in his risen Son.