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Day 79: The Meaning of Life

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Day 79: The Meaning of Life ========================== by Ernest O’Neill

Our creator, whose own Son lived as Jesus of Nazareth from 4 B.C. to 29 A.D but existed above time with his Father, made you in his Son, so that we might let him express himself uniquely through each of us. Your life here on earth and later in the universe gives you the opportunity to fulfill his plan or prolong the separation borne by Christ in us on Calvary.

So the creator made you a unique part of his eternal Son when you were born. He gave you free will so that you could share their love forever and help develop the infinite universe they had created.

At present we can see the light that started towards us from a star over 13 billion light-years ago; so obviously the creator can see all time and the whole universe in a second!

He knew you had to have freedom to see what life was like without him if you were to really come to love him; so he made you in his son so that he himself would face the consequences if you chose the nothingness that exists outside his existence. In your death with his Son above time he bore the nothingness of everything in the world that he was not – so that you could choose it if you wished. This agony of the godhead is expressed in history’s record of the cry of dereliction “My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me?”

But in the resurrection he graciously recreated you and the desecrated world. You will be able to manifest this new world in the coming ages – by faith in the forbearance and wisdom of Christ – rather than the anti-christ hubris of the nations which God destroyed at the tower of Babel. In Christ we will share the intuitive knowledge and understanding of the one in whom all things were made. We will work then as an active part of the great universe and not as separate external creatures.

So, after our brief life on this small planet, you and I will begin a far larger life developing the infinite universe around us by powers and lives that exceed our expectations more than even the size of this universe is doing.