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Do You Have A Clean Heart

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Transcript of a clip from the talk LIVING WITHOUT A CLEAN HEART by Rev. Ernest O’Neill

What is the state of your own heart? Does your heart immediately expel a thought or feeling of pride or jealousy or anger when it occurs, does it? Or does it welcome it and entertain it and relish it and nourish it?

Well, if it does, your heart isn’t clean. That’s simple, and you’re walking with a heaviness inside you that you don’t need to walk with and that you can’t victoriously with. Do you find that your heart automatically sends Jesus’ sentiments up to your will so that it is easy and natural to be like Jesus? Or do you find that your heart is sending up to your will, all kinds of things that your conscience is condemning and indeed, your will cannot handle these things and it’s constantly trying to repress them and at times fails to repress them and they burst out into outward sin and stain your conscience.

Well, if that’s the situation loved ones, you’re living the Christian life the hard way and your heart is not clean and the truth is that the New Covenant is a message that God is able to cleanse our hearts.