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Do You Know Why You Exist?



By Rev. Ernest O’Neill

Meta Description: Ernest O’Neill in his talk, Why Do We Exist, answers the question by suggesting how we are meant to live and exist today and every day.

All things exist through God’s expressing to us through His Spirit that it is possible to live as free as the birds; that it is possible for God’s Spirit to remake us so that we experience the simplicity and the trustfulness of children again; so that we experience again the liberation and the freedom and the exhilaration of soaring swallows. That it is possible to experience the cleanness and freshness of the waves on the Hawaii beaches. It is possible to express and experience again the exhilaration of salmon that leap in the waters. It is possible because the same Holy Spirit that enables them to act like that way is available to us. Really! And that the reason we are so heavy and burdensome is because we are living like the people on the bus.

We’re spending all our time, and all our energies, and all our thoughts on how to make the life on the bus, which is not at all our home, as comfortable and pleasant as we can, instead of spending all our energies trusting the dear Father to take us wherever He wants us to go in our lives and concentrating on doing what he has made us to do, whether it pays us or whether it doesn’t pay us. And the Holy Spirit is constantly speaking to all of us those things. So even old Auden, who wrote, “In headaches and in worry vaguely life leaks away.” Even those headaches and worries are God’s dear Spirit trying to say to us there is a better way. “If you trust me, the Holy Spirit, and you begin to take Me as your friend, and begin to take me as the Lord and Master of your life, and begin to think what I guide you to think and do what I guide you to do, you will begin to live like the freshest part of God’s creation.

That is why we are here on earth, for that Spirit of God so to begin to mold our own lives and our characters that we are fit to live in heaven with our dear Father and His Son. That’s it! That’s it! He made us to be His friends, to live with Him forever in an infinite universe that has more exhilaration and more beauty in it than we have ever touched. That’s why God made us that we would live with Him in friendship and in love.