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Jesus Himself Died For You


Video clip transcript extracted from the talk: What Causes Anxiety? (Romans5:8) By Rev.Ernest O’Neill

Now, the Lord God either has to destroy us completely or commit us to that kind of place where we are at least limited and held-in in our own ability to destroy each other with our selfish lusts. Now, that’s the angst, that’s the fear that makes us so uneasy inside and if God had to destroy you, he would have to destroy everything, every last bit of you. Now, that’s the miracle of it, I’ll show you it. It’s Romans 5:8.

Romans 5:8, “But God shows his love for us in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us.” That’s it. God has destroyed you in his son and instead of you bearing the unbearable pain, because it would have literally killed us, we could not have borne that. If we had cried out, “My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me?” we didn’t have the trust or the faith in God to climb up into his arms. So at that moment, we would have been exterminated.

But God put you in his son Jesus and he destroyed you in his son and Jesus has died for you. Jesus has died for you. So that all that you have become over these years actually in eternity is already destroyed, and in a strange sense, that’s also what you feel when you feel a sense of condemnation. Because while you remain in that old self and that old selfish creature that you are wanting your own way, you’re in the midst of something that has been condemned to death and actually you know that. And the conscience cries out, “I am in something that has already been condemned to death on Calvary.”

So even that is a witness to the salvation that has taken place in the eternal cross that exists in the universe. But Jesus himself has died for you and so your God actually is not your enemy and is not committed to your death and he actually is willing to receive you to himself this very morning. If you are willing to stop the things that he has shown you are evidence of your independence and your rebellion against him. And the moment you repent of those things this morning and turn from them, there will come into you the deepest part of your being where you feel that unrest; there will come a great peace. And a great witness of God’s Spirit that you and he are reconciled and you will begin to live at peace with yourself because you are at peace with your God. Because he said, “You are justified before him by your faith in Jesus” and actually in John 1:12, he said, “To as many as received Jesus, to them gave he the right to become the children of God.”

Full Sermon: What Causes Anxiety? (Romans5:8) By Rev.Ernest O’Neill


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