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Why Are We Alive?

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Question – Was Jesus a Legend?


Transcript of a clip from the talk Is Jesus God’s Son? by Rev. Ernest O’Neill

Some people say, “Well, he was a lunatic. He was misguided. He simply thought he was God’s Son when he really wasn’t.” But do you see the problem about that? His life has none of the abnormality or imbalance that a lunatic’s life has. Indeed, most of us, except maybe some extreme skeptics, look to Jesus’ life as the balanced life. We look to His attitude to people in love and kindness and patience under pressure, as the ideal life that a human being should live. It isn’t the life of a lunatic.

You remember what C.S. Lewis said, “No one has yet explained how such deep moral teaching could come from the mind of a megalomaniac.” I think that’s the difficulty you’re up against when you try to label Jesus a lunatic. None of the rest of his life expresses the imbalance or the chaos of a lunatic. It expresses the very opposite. It expresses sanity and the kind of integrated personality that all of us would like to experience.


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