America’s Female Choice and Putin’s Anathema

Published: Aug, 2019 /Ernest O'Neill




by Ernest O’Neill

Do you remember the Canadian journalist who expressed international confidence in the US? His famous statement was “America is the world’s last best hope”!

American integrity is now fraying at the edges. Little nations look at the shining city on a hill and wonder if their ideal picture of a true democracy still exists.

Maybe a bankrupt Russian Putin with his Cambridge Analytica hackers have brought the paradigm of open government and democracy to its Orwellian knees. A lying president tells the nation its reliable New York Times cannot be believed so who can you trust?

How do you restore the world’s trust in democratic institutions and in America? Let the nation insist on its right to nominate and elect by popular and electoral college vote the female President that the fascist Putin particularly fears. Let the world know that democracy may be delayed but cannot be defeated.

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