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Taking Inventory

It’s Tuesday morning, I’m now back from my morning bike ride.  I enjoy going out on my bike early in the morning before work, my mind is clear and it gives me a chance to think.  The one question I keep asking myself, “What is my responsibility with regards to important issues facing today’s world?”  I’m a pragmatist, so there is always in the back of my mind the BIG question, why is it so easy for us to “discuss and debate, or even pray about”?  Why can’t we simply stop sitting on the fence and actually “Do Something”?

It was the Parkland Florida Valentine’s Day shooting that sparked me to write this article.  As I read the ‘Breaking News’ my heart sunk in sadness.  How can this be?  It made me once again stop and think about the words of advice that my father offered me from time to time, and especially when I needed a change. “Myron, it’s time for you to stop and take inventory”.  These words I will always remember and take to heart to this very day.

Please be patient and follow with me as I attempt to revisit my father’s wise advice.  These are troubling times in America, what are we missing?  It’s hard for me to put my finger on any one person, event or institution.  Yes, there are many failures, failures in parenting, community, church, local law enforcement, FBI and all the way up the ladder to our present government.  But wait, let’s not look at the failures, let’s seek an answer to our growing culture of frustration and discontent in our country.

The recent shooting in Parkland Florida is an example.  As I read various accounts of this tragedy, the one thing that stood out like a shining beacon was the teacher and two coaches.  In many ways they were ordinary people, much like you and me.  On the day of the shooting they were hard at work doing what they loved the most, they were mentoring students who would soon shape tomorrow’s world.  When faced with a crisis on that dreadful day, what was their response?  Did they run at the sight of danger?  Did they stop and hold a quick prayer meeting?  Did they organize themselves into a small group and vote on the best plan of action?  No, they hardly needed a second thought, they simply “sprang into action”.  They did what came naturally, they knew what to do because it was in their inner being, their nature, and they were simply true to their inner nature, they were ready to face the unexpected crisis.

Yes, true love “bears all things ….. endures all things!”   At first glance this kind of love sounds a bit hard and cold.  Let’s take a moment to think about this.  What does this kind of true love really mean?  Is it possible that we too may be called to take the bullets from a AR-15 semi automatic rifle in order to protect those we mentor?   It gives me goose bumps just thinking about it.  What would my/your answer be, if we were asked to be the teacher or coach on that dreadful day?  Would we have had the courage to face the danger and shield the students, or would we hesitate and ask ourselves, what should we do?

This  brings me to my main point: why are so many of today’s leaders sitting on the fence, dragging their feet and leaving their hesitations, inaction and indecision steal the show?  Yes, there are many different scenarios we could discuss.  I admit that prayer is important.  But why, after all our efforts (or should I say half hearted attempts) do we still see so little results?  Why is it that we find relief in continual discussion and debate on these vital issues?  We don’t like to admit it, but deep down we know we are just kicking the can down the road. Could it be that we are still looking for a cheap answer?

Why not pause for a moment, and step back?  Let’s be honest and have the courage to ask ourselves the question, “Could it be that we are missing the Bigger Picture?”  Possibly we need to look beyond ourselves and all our human efforts?  In my mind, it makes sense to believe there is a greater Someone.  If this is true, then He is able to equip us with what we need to be effective in today’s world.  Could it be that we are still trying to work things out ourselves rather than accepting the plan our Maker has already provided for each of us?

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