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Our creator made us in his own son with freedom to share their love and develop the universe – even though such free-will could be used to spread self-love and destruction.

This is our nature – we have free wills which even our Maker acknowledged to make love possible. So our system of government must be based on that reality of respect for each other’s will. It cannot depend on the suppression of individual wills by fascism or dictatorship nor by anarchic ignoring of others’ rights. It must seek honest solutions in keeping with the thoughtful opinions of others’ needs after the best indications humanity has gathered through the years.

The closer our society comes to love – willing the best we know for others rather than ourselves – seems the system of government closest to our origins and our natures. Respect for each other’s opinions and needs builds national unity and stability. Indifference to both sews discord and strife.

Business with Heart?

Is there justice in allowing an online retailer to cause the failure of thousands of local businesses? Does huge market capitalization give license to a giant enterprise to operate at a loss for so long so that a huge percentage of smaller competitors can no longer survive?


The Long View

The best information we have about Our Maker’s attitude and actions in our world is in the collection of books known as the Bible. There we see that He is never ‘caught out’. In our present situation in America where we seem to have a popularly elected president who has little understanding of national or international issues, he appears to be contradicting many normal policies and straining many of our traditional alliances.

However, throughout history God sees these events from above and uses man’s actions to expose human misconceptions and errors while at the same time putting everything on a more solid foundation.

It’s always right therefore to first “be still and know that He is God” and then to look at the circumstances in the light of his desire that ”we might be quietly governed” and enabled to “live together in peace with all men”.

Our basic attitude then is that our Maker has put the principalities and powers that motivate the nations “under the feet of his Son” for humanity’s benefit. Making moves in this confidence replaces anxious, paralyzing panic with quiet thoughtful consideration: it enables us to act carefully in consultation with numerous wise counselors rather than impetuously by instinct.


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