Commitment Part 3

Published: Jul, 2019 /Martha Nelson



Why Not Divorce?

by Martha Nelson

Unlimited Warranty! Lifetime Guarantee! These are the promises we love to hear when considering a major purchase or decision. Marketing companies know this – but often include the fine print excuses of “if returned with original receipt and packaging” (you did keep those, didn’t you?) or “except in the states of x,y,z”. Oh well. We’ve learned to be lured by these promises and yet find that they’re only as good as the commitment of the company or person who made them.

The Forever Principle

I would propose that today we sadly lack much sense of what you could call “The Forever Principle”. That is, the confidence that any relationship we experience can ever really be “forever.” Maybe you’re from a broken home – or have experienced a broken marriage. A “forever relationship” is then even harder to believe in. And yet, what if that “forever principle” could be the norm? What stability it would bring to our own lives and those we say we are committed to. Not just in marriage, but in our family life and friendships too.

In the previous article we talked about marriage, and the comfort and security we could give each other in marriage if we knew that person was committing themselves to be with us forever. “But nothing is forever!” you may say. And you’re right that there are few examples of “forever commitments “. We do need an example to follow — some hope that it is possible.

But what if someone bigger and more loving that you could ever imagine really loved you and was committed to you – forever? Would that make a difference? Someone who said, “I have loved you with an everlasting love.” (Jeremiah 31:3)

Why Forever is Possible
After all, marriage appears to have been God’s plan for most people. (Genesis 2:18) It was His idea. And most religions and societies discourage or even condemn divorce. It may seem that these views are harsh or old fashioned. But what if they exist because the Forever Principle is possible – and we’re just not giving it a chance? If marriage was God’s idea – He is committed to helping us make it work. Not just for our sake but for the children who are affected by our decision to stay together or divorce.

We don’t think about the Lifetime Guarantee or forever principle when things are going well. But when the relationship is broken or fraying – it is good to remember that there is Someone who has your back and your partner’s too – and who wants to help you find a way to honor the commitment you made when you married.

If you’re interested to learn more about the alternatives to Divorce you can watch this video:


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