Do Something Brave

Published: Aug, 2020 /Marty Poehler



We are now in the seventh month of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States. We’ve seen it start out small, go up rapidly, crest, go down, then rise rapidly again. Total cases are more than five million in America, with more than 190,000 deaths.

We’ve seen a President and governors take different stances and policies. Some have said wear a mask. Some have said don’t wear a mask. Some have said don’t wear a mask, then later – do wear a mask.

The President then went one further – zigging back by his actions, to currently say, don’t wear a mask.

There’s a pandemic and an economic downward spiral, both of them seemingly out of control.

Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon and who before that had an exemplary career as a test pilot, had a refreshing attitude about the very difficult things he had to do. “Was he afraid? Not really. He simply believed in courage over timidity. He had an appetite for adventure over the love of doing nothing.” 1

Our President and some of our governors haven’t tried anything meaningful recently to lessen the pandemic and the falling economy. Deaths have soared and thousands of businesses have closed. We are human and we make mistakes. The governors who said masks weren’t needed, then said they were needed — made mistakes in their first policies, but then changed to what was right. The big problem is when our top elected officials do nothing – they don’t even try a policy to see if it might make things better, or a new one when the ones they have tried have failed.

Zwingli, the religious leader of the 16th century, has some advice that’s pertinent today. We can urge our leaders to follow it. He said, “For God’s sake, do something brave!” We need to tell and retell our leaders this until they take this advice: “DO SOMETHING BRAVE!”

If leaders acted and led – as we elected them to do – this could be our finest hour.

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