Hope Against Hope in a Pandemic World

Published: Jun, 2020 /Trish Overby



I’m no psychiatrist or psychologist, but in this serious time that we live in — wondering whether we will see our loved ones again — I ask myself:  where does hope come from?  Whatever we are facing at this moment or tomorrow, why does hope spring forth in our hearts?



“Hope is being able to see that there is light, despite all of the darkness.” Desmond Tutu



I think specifically of the nurses, doctors, and therapists in ICU units and Emergency Rooms who are so overwhelmed with patients in dire need of treatment and care with the split-second decisions that have to be made.

Their expertise to accomplish this treatment and care is no mere feat – it is what they trained for.  After all their hard work, they live in hope that every patient will get better.  This is what is in their hearts and minds for every patient.

“We have always held to the hope, the belief, the conviction that there is a better life, a better world, beyond the horizon.”  Franklin Roosevelt

So, in a way, hope comes from within us as humans because it is the way we are made. We all aren’t a part of the medical profession but, in reality, most of us want the best for anyone we come in contact with, as well as our loved ones.  That is what is in our hearts.  It is important for each one of us to recognize the way we were made to live our lives to the fullest. We all must work together to make love and hope our aim for one another, especially in these times.  It is what we are made for.

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