How Should I Live My Life?

Published: Dec, 2020 /Marty Poehler



This month of December, two diverging patterns for living are starkly presented for us to consider.

In one, a President supports a lawsuit before the Supreme Court – the highest court in the land. The suit is put forth by one state and supported by 18 others, along with 126 members of Congress. It asserts, without evidence:  that fraud took place in the election for President, and that the voting results in five states won by Joe Biden, the President’s opponent, should be overturned.

This suit was put forth not for the battle for truth, or to fight for any principle. It was brought forth because it could be brought forth – no other justification could be made. Truth and right are nowhere seen on the side of those pushing the suit. Only naked, personal, selfish gain — at the expense of others who have followed the rules accepted by all for more than 200 years.

In another pattern, a baby was born 2000 years ago in humble circumstances and laid in a cattle feed trough. He grew up respecting those above him. As an adult he said that he was the way, the truth, and the life. Truth was uppermost for him. He exposed falseness. He devoted himself to serving others. He concerned himself with people who were considered the lowest in society. He was tested and even hated by his opponents. Love for others, often at his own expense, was the motivating force. Truth and love were evident in all he did, and they didn’t contradict each other in his life.

During this month of December we can’t help but consider these two divergent ways to live. The mutual exclusiveness of the choices couldn’t be clearer.

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