Is There Something Rotten in Our Cellar?

Published: Feb, 2019 /C. Donahue



Infestation in the Cellar

Hannah Whitall Smith – the Quaker woman who wrote the classic book “The Christian Secret of a Happy Life” – tells a story about moving into a new home with her husband. An old sealed barrel happened to have been left in the cellar. It was heavy and tight shut. Hannah wanted to open it and get it out of the house but the difficulty of it made her hesitate, procrastinate, and finally forget it was there.

Hannah was enjoying her new home and loved to keep it spotless. But some months after moving in she began to find moths —- moths in the furniture, moths in the closets, moths were appearing everywhere. She cleaned the carpets, cleaned the drapes, and cleaned the stuffed furniture. Nothing helped.

Finally she prayed and God brought to her mind the sealed barrel in the basement. Without delay she headed down the stairs with a crowbar and pried the cover off. Out flew tens of thousands of moths to infest the house. Her beautiful home on the outside had a proliferating infestation in the cellar.

Could America have an Infestation in the Cellar?

On the surface the country is humming along. Unemployment is down, and business has picked up in the past few years. But according to last week’s reports suicide rates are up. Legalized drugs and opioid addictions are at epidemic levels. Both are tearing lives apart, families apart and eventually they will tear the country apart.

Going on in the cellar are deals being made with the Saudis whose prince ordered the gruesome death of Jamal Khashoggi —a Saudi journalist living in America. The rationale? — We need the relationship because it benefits us economically and tactically. We are receiving benefits at the expense of mortal sin and turning a blind eye to it.

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