Thinking has almost Stopped!!

Published: Jul, 2019 /Ernest O'Neill




by Ernest Oneill

The unbelievable event is taking place before our eyes — and in most of our minds. THINKING is grinding to a halt in our society — and in each of our minds!! Why is that conclusion at all possible? Take just one example – when Wray, the head of the FBI, the man whose job is to be sure that he and Mueller had the same understanding ….was asked if he had read Mueller’s report, he replied, “Not word for word, but I got the gist of it!”

We have all spent the last two years talking about the fact that the report was typical Mueller — detailed, academic, legal, technical diagnosis that required concentrated examination to understand. We have all been bombarded with exhortations to read at least parts of it. But here — the expert official that we were sure would know it backwards, confessed that he had not, by any means, read every word – and that – on the final day set aside for Mueller’s questioning.

We would never have thought we would listen to our leading official guide say — with Mueller himself ready to begin his testimony — that he had not read it even once, let alone studied it several times.

Herein lies the tragic ignorance that obfuscates our national understanding and endangers a national electorate waiting to be again manipulated by Russian experts that know how we all would like to vote IF they will let us.

Emojis have besotten us — we have stopped using the vital minds that can save us from error and disaster. Each of us can change this — let’s start thinking again — it’s a vital function that separates us from the animals — and draws us to God!

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