Blog Post #3: The Fall of Man


As we began to long for something new in our Christian lives, one thing comes to mind.  There is God’s part and our part.  I remember how one person described the work of revival in our lives.  Every farmer expects to reap a plentiful harvest.  His job is to work the ground and plant the seed.   It is God that brings the rain, the warm sunshine and the sprouting of new life in the seed.

This helped me, my heart was looking for something more and people around me were experiencing God’s touch.  I wondered, what did God have for my life?  For me, it was very simple and practical.  I set a definite time aside each day where I could be alone in a quiet place.  Some days I would read from a book like The Normal Christian Life by Watchman Nee.  Other days I would read from my Bible and then pray asking God to make Himself real in my life.   Each Sunday I listened to this “Spiritual Life Series” by Ernest O’Neill.  Soon I began to see practical steps of obedience God wanted me to take.  Slowly and surely, I began to see the Holy Spirit as a counselor, a friend I didn’t need to fear.  God seemed to be saying to me, “If you draw near to me, I will draw near to you” . . . . and this was just the beginning!

As we listen to this “Spiritual Life Series” each week, I would encourage us all.  Let’s remember, It is a touch from God that we need, not some preacher, nor some new techniques to understand.  It is simply taking time to get to know our Maker.  If we will do this, He will draw close to us.  If you have questions or comments, feel free to share, we need each other.

Today’s picture is one of my favorite views as I go out on my early morning bike ride before work. I enjoy starting the day with a little physical exercise, getting out on the bike is my favorite. It helps keep me in shape, and sometimes even stimulates me with new ideas for the day ahead. Both my wife and I continue to enjoy the priviledge of living and working in Thailand.

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