How do We include God and Everyday Life in 21st Century

Discussion Series:Living in the Spirit

A Deeper Discussion on Talk : God Alive in the 21st Century

When listening to this talk i began to think about the context by which we relate to today’s generation as christians. What has changed and what is the current path discussions ,about God, are going- in public arenas. Do we really talk about God as if He were once alive and now dead? Do we acknowledge Him as the Living God and or speak of stories from a book that is aging faster than we are? What is Our role in today’s society? How are we to speak to God and allow God to speak thru us in a generation that is becoming more and more isolated and distant from God.


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Description: The amazing life of Jesus and his Disciples in the New Testament can be found now. God doesn't change. He gives the Holy Spirit to us for that reason.

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