What is the normal Christian life meant to be like? These talks discuss the subjects of temptation, repentance, victorious living, carnality, faith, unbelief, and more.

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Stop Trying So Hard! - CONSECRATION

The Christian’s Ministry - CONSECRATION

What Controls Your Emotions? - CONSECRATION

A Simple Gospel - CONSECRATION

Willing to be Changed - CONSECRATION

The Cure for Carnality - CONSECRATION

Commit Your Way to God - CONSECRATION

Uncreated Life - CONSECRATION

How to Walk in the Light - CONSECRATION

Forsaking Every Sin - CONSECRATION

The Love we were Meant to Know - CONSECRATION

How can you Live up to Your Ideals? - CONSECRATION

We Destroy Each Other - CONSECRATION

The Changed Life Available to Us - CONSECRATION

Why is Christmas Important? - CONSECRATION

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