What is the normal Christian life meant to be like? These talks discuss the subjects of temptation, repentance, victorious living, carnality, faith, unbelief, and more.

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Stop Trying So Hard! - CONSECRATION

The Christian’s Ministry - CONSECRATION

What Controls Your Emotions? - CONSECRATION

A Simple Gospel - CONSECRATION

Willing to be Changed - CONSECRATION

The Cure for Carnality - CONSECRATION

Commit Your Way to God - CONSECRATION

Uncreated Life - CONSECRATION

How to Walk in the Light - CONSECRATION

Forsaking Every Sin - CONSECRATION

The Love we were Meant to Know - CONSECRATION

How can you Live up to Your Ideals? - CONSECRATION

We Destroy Each Other - CONSECRATION

The Changed Life Available to Us - CONSECRATION

Why is Christmas Important? - CONSECRATION

Getting Proper Perspective on Your Life - CONSECRATION

Where do You Look to Meet your Needs? - CONSECRATION

Crisis transformed - CONSECRATION


Path To God: Repentance - CONSECRATION

Overcoming Sin - CONSECRATION

Freedom From Bondage - CONSECRATION

Willingness To Change - CONSECRATION

Deciding For God - CONSECRATION

The New Year’s Resolution? - CONSECRATION

Acknowledgement of Belief - CONSECRATION

Superhuman Life - CONSECRATION

Letting Jesus In - CONSECRATION

Supernatural Living - CONSECRATION

Personal Testimony: Ernest O’Neill - CONSECRATION

Robot or Human? - CONSECRATION

Proof Of Belief - CONSECRATION

Communion-End of Strain? - CONSECRATION

Short-Circuiting Death - CONSECRATION

Communion: Self Centeredness - CONSECRATION

Give Thanks for Everything - CONSECRATION

Putting Things Right - CONSECRATION

How Are We Delivered From a Heart Bent on Sinning? - CONSECRATION

Real Life is Found Only in Jesus - CONSECRATION

Amending Your Life - CONSECRATION

What is The Normal Christian Life? - CONSECRATION

Can We Ever Be Freed From Our Old Personality Traits? - CONSECRATION

The Power of the Resurrection in our Lives - CONSECRATION

All Things Have Become New – Including You! - CONSECRATION

Committing Your Way to The Lord - CONSECRATION


What Does God Have Planned For Campus Church? - CONSECRATION

Communion: Have You Given Up Sin? - CONSECRATION

Freedom: Why Jesus Died - CONSECRATION