Consecration II

  • Volume 1


What is the normal Christian life meant to be like? These talks discuss the subjects of temptation, repentance, victorious living, carnality, faith, unbelief, and more.

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Strength in Brokeness - CONSECRATION

Self Management or God Management - CONSECRATION

The Scandal of Jesus’ Birth - CONSECRATION

God’s Way or Mine? - CONSECRATION

Satisfied or Unsatisfied? Part 1 - CONSECRATION

Satisfied or Unsatisfied? Part 2 - CONSECRATION

Knowing God Personally - CONSECRATION

God’s View of Social injustice - CONSECRATION

Fate or Faith - CONSECRATION

Is Your Life God’s Second Best? - CONSECRATION

Assurance of a Clean Heart - CONSECRATION

Marks of a True Christian 2 - CONSECRATION

Clean Conscience And Freedom - CONSECRATION

The Son of God Lives in You! - CONSECRATION

God’s Video of Unreality - CONSECRATION

Our Choice for Life - CONSECRATION

The Stressful Workplace - CONSECRATION

The Carnal Christian and full deliverance - CONSECRATION

Shadowland – Thought vs. Reality - CONSECRATION

Our Rest in This Life - CONSECRATION

Jesus in Me or Self in Me? - CONSECRATION

Who is the Ruler of your Life? - CONSECRATION

The Power of Life - CONSECRATION

Entering into Ease - CONSECRATION

Jesus not Us! - CONSECRATION


Traits of The Self Life Defined - CONSECRATION

We Were Raised When Christ Was Raised - CONSECRATION

Our Position with Christ - CONSECRATION

Scroggie On Baptism With The Spirit - CONSECRATION

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