Consecration II

  • Volume 1


What is the normal Christian life meant to be like? These talks discuss the subjects of temptation, repentance, victorious living, carnality, faith, unbelief, and more.

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Sealed with the Holy Spirit - CONSECRATION

God Under Our Feet - CONSECRATION

Your Destiny-Jesus Alive in You - CONSECRATION

Overcoming Self Pity - CONSECRATION



Incredible Mercy - CONSECRATION

A Continual Christmas - CONSECRATION

Being God’s Children - CONSECRATION

God Knew Me Before Time Was? - CONSECRATION

Christ’s Agony at Christmas - CONSECRATION

Living for The Wrong Reasons - CONSECRATION

The Will and a Passive Mind - CONSECRATION

Partaking of Christ’s Death - CONSECRATION

Have You Seen Jesus? - CONSECRATION

Knowing the Bottom of Your Heart - CONSECRATION

Jesus Existed Before all Time - CONSECRATION

You Are a Part of Jesus! - CONSECRATION

Einstein, Jesus and God’s Love - CONSECRATION

Real Love is Giving Yourself to God and Others - CONSECRATION

God’s Providential Algorithms - CONSECRATION

Readings From Molinos - CONSECRATION

Rejoice and be Glad in all Circumstances! - CONSECRATION

What Happens after You Die? - CONSECRATION

What Exactly is Sin? - CONSECRATION

God Is A God Of Encouragement - CONSECRATION

What is Faith and Belief? - CONSECRATION

Why We Destroy Each Other - CONSECRATION

Rejoice, God Has Everything Arranged - CONSECRATION

What Is Our Sinful Nature? - CONSECRATION

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