Living Daily in Reality


Living daily in reality – that’s what we all want to do! But what is reality? Is it just what we face in our jobs – getting enough money to keep us working so that we can have children so that they can grow up like us to get jobs so that they can repeat the whole thing all over again until we all cease to exist? Or is there some real reality behind this world that we see around us?

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Day 13: A Planned Life - default

Day 17: Free Will - default

Day 20: Two Environments - default

Day 26: A Corrupted World - default

Day 27: Flashback or Eternal Present? - default

Day 35: Why this World is like it is? - default

Day 36: Quantum Physics and Parallel Universes - default

Day 40: Your Choice: Reality or Unreality? - default

Day 44: Why can We not do Right? - default

Day 46: Who do we have to be Remade? - default

Day 47: Does the Mind Understand or Manipulate? - default

Day 49: We Live Like Self-made People - default

Day 50: We need a Cosmic Rectification - default

Day 63: The Real Purpose of Work - default

Day 64: Work of Getting or Giving - default

Day 65: The Work of Filling the World - default

Day 66: Why Work? - default

Day 68: The Purpose of Your Life - default

Day 70: The Exchanged Life - default

Day 71: Renewing the Earth - default

Day 72: You are a Unique Variation of our Creator - default

Day 74: The Fulness of Stature – The Hope of Glory - default

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