Living Daily in Reality


Living daily in reality – that’s what we all want to do! But what is reality? Is it just what we face in our jobs – getting enough money to keep us working so that we can have children so that they can grow up like us to get jobs so that they can repeat the whole thing all over again until we all cease to exist? Or is there some real reality behind this world that we see around us?

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Day 30: Happiness - default

Day 31: The Time Machine or ‘Starting Life Again’ - default

Day 32: The Life of Contentment - default

Day 33: Cosmic Resurrection - default

Day 34: Two Worlds - default

Day 35: Why this World is like it is? - default

Day 36: Quantum Physics and Parallel Universes - default

Day 37: Do Genesis and Science agree about Time? - default

Day 38: Living in the Real Universe - default

Day 39: The Twin Dynamics of Living in Reality - default

Day 40: Your Choice: Reality or Unreality? - default

Day 41: Your Maker or You? - default

Day 42: The Positive and Negative of Life on Earth - default

Day 43: The Cosmic Death - default

Day 44: Why can We not do Right? - default

Day 45: Our Maker’s Son Within Us - default

Day 46: Who do we have to be Remade? - default

Day 47: Does the Mind Understand or Manipulate? - default

Day 48: The Mind Understands and Executes the Creator’s Will! - default

Day 49: We Live Like Self-made People - default

Day 50: We need a Cosmic Rectification - default

Day 51: The Changing of our Personalities - default

Day 52: How Did we Get Where we Are? - default

Day 53: Escaping from Our Present Predicament - default

Day 54: How do we get where God has put us? - default

Day 55: Are you a Momentary Particle or part of our Creator? - default

Day 56: I want to be Famous! - default

Day 57: The Great Mirage - default

Day 58: Just Step into Reality! - default

Day 59: New World – New You! - default

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