New Testament Studies


Ephesians is probably the most complex book in the New Testament and probably in the Bible. It talks about the blessings and love our Creator God has intended for us to experience in this world and in our relationship with Him. Colossians discusses the role of Christ in the church and Christ’s position as the image of the invisible God: the Creator and sustainer of the universe. We are reminded that Jesus has reconciled all things to Himself through His death on the cross giving us victory and freedom.

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Apostolic Succession - COLOSSIANS

Peace and Grace from God our Father - COLOSSIANS

Thankfulness to God when Praying for Others - COLOSSIANS

Faith is Manifested in Brotherly Love - COLOSSIANS

Faith in God’s Unconditional Love - COLOSSIANS

Do you Love your Brethren? - COLOSSIANS

Rejoice for the Hope of a Heavenly Home - COLOSSIANS

God Yearns and Hopes for Us - COLOSSIANS

Is There Salvation After Death? - COLOSSIANS

The Modern World View of the Gospel 1 - COLOSSIANS

The Modern World View of the Gospel 2 - COLOSSIANS

The Modern World View of the Gospel 3 - COLOSSIANS

Being a Faithful Minister of Christ - COLOSSIANS

Wisdom and Understanding Through Jesus Indwelling - COLOSSIANS

Filled with the Knowledge of God’s Will - COLOSSIANS

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