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Ephesians is probably the most complex book in the New Testament and probably in the Bible. It talks about the blessings and love our Creator God has intended for us to experience in this world and in our relationship with Him. Colossians discusses the role of Christ in the church and Christ’s position as the image of the invisible God: the Creator and sustainer of the universe. We are reminded that Jesus has reconciled all things to Himself through His death on the cross giving us victory and freedom.

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God’s View of Reality - EPHESIANS

Called to be Saints - EPHESIANS

God’s Will For You: Grace and Peace! - EPHESIANS

Blessed With all Things - EPHESIANS

Blessings From The Bounty of Heaven - EPHESIANS

Pre-Determined as Sons - EPHESIANS

Jesus Thought of Us Before Time - EPHESIANS

Swimming Into Cleanness - EPHESIANS

God’s Adopted Children Before Time - EPHESIANS

Glory and Praise in Trials - EPHESIANS

Golden Chains of Love - EPHESIANS

Grace to Begin Again - EPHESIANS

God’s Uncreated Life Lavished Upon Us - EPHESIANS

The United Family of God - EPHESIANS

All Things United in Christ - EPHESIANS

Anxieties and Cares Reconciled in Christ - EPHESIANS

You Are appointed by God in Christ - EPHESIANS

Reality of Christ Living in Us - EPHESIANS

Sealed With The Holy Spirit 1 - EPHESIANS

Sealed With The Holy Spirit 2 - EPHESIANS

Sealed With The Holy Spirit 3 - EPHESIANS

Sealed With The Holy Spirit 4 - EPHESIANS

Sealed With The Holy Spirit 5 - EPHESIANS

Sealed With The Holy Spirit 6 - EPHESIANS

Inheritance of The Holy Spirit - EPHESIANS

Summary of Ephesians 1-14:In Christ - EPHESIANS

Is Your Faith in Jesus Real? - EPHESIANS

Giving Thanks to God in Everything - EPHESIANS

Exhibiting God’s Glory - EPHESIANS

God’s Wisdom is Imparted in Us 1 - EPHESIANS

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