New Testament Studies


Ephesians is probably the most complex book in the New Testament and probably in the Bible. It talks about the blessings and love our Creator God has intended for us to experience in this world and in our relationship with Him. Colossians discusses the role of Christ in the church and Christ’s position as the image of the invisible God: the Creator and sustainer of the universe. We are reminded that Jesus has reconciled all things to Himself through His death on the cross giving us victory and freedom.

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God’s Wisdom is Imparted in Us 2 - EPHESIANS

Enlightened Hearts - EPHESIANS

The Eyes of Our Heart Enlightened - EPHESIANS

God Can Give Us a Spirit of Wisdom - EPHESIANS

God’s Might at Work in Us - EPHESIANS

Depression or Happiness? - EPHESIANS

Manipulating God’s Power - EPHESIANS

Jesus Bore Our Strain and Stress - EPHESIANS

Servant to God or Circumstances? - EPHESIANS

The Real Body of Christ - EPHESIANS

The Fullness of The Church - EPHESIANS

Made Alive When Dead - EPHESIANS

Alive in Christ Through Faith - EPHESIANS

Desires of The Flesh - EPHESIANS

You Are Not On Earth But in Heaven - EPHESIANS

Rest in The Heavenly Places - EPHESIANS

Time and Eternity 1 - EPHESIANS

Time and Eternity 2 - EPHESIANS

God’s Immeasurable Riches For Us - EPHESIANS

God’s Heart of Deliverance - EPHESIANS

Our Good Works aren’t Enough - EPHESIANS

We Are God’s Workmanship 1 - EPHESIANS

We Are God’s Workmanship 2 - EPHESIANS

We Are God’s Workmanship 3 - EPHESIANS

We Are God’s Workmanship 4 - EPHESIANS

Jesus is Our Peace - EPHESIANS

God Has Reconciled all Circumstances - EPHESIANS

The Whole World is Equal in Christ - EPHESIANS

Completely New in Christ - EPHESIANS

Ceremonial Law and Generous Love - EPHESIANS

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