Old Testament Studies


Studies in the Book of Genesis chapter-by-chapter that explain how the world was created and God’s original purpose for our relationship with him – and how it all went wrong when Adam and Eve decided they didn’t need His guidance – they’d manage their own lives in their own way. Sound familiar? But a loving God didn’t give up on them — and this narrative from the Old Testament has refreshing insights on how to walk by faith today.

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Old Testament Studies -

Exodus 3 - EXODUS

Exodus 7 - EXODUS

Exodus 8 - EXODUS

Exodus 18:Heart Felt Prayer - EXODUS

Exodus 20:Idols - EXODUS

Exodus 17:Testing God - EXODUS

Exodus 20a - EXODUS

Exodus 20B:Idols-Sharing Snapshots of God - EXODUS

Exodus 20C:Man-Made Idols - EXODUS

Exodus 20D:The Purpose of Sunday No. 1 - EXODUS

Exodus 20E:The Purpose of Sunday No. 2 - EXODUS

Exodus 20F:Honor and Respect - EXODUS

The Life of Faith 1 - GENESIS

The Life of Faith 2 - GENESIS

The Life of Faith 3 - GENESIS

Man’s Distrust of God – The Fall - GENESIS

God’s Saving Penalties - GENESIS

Living By Our Own Strength - GENESIS

The Tragedy of Mixed Marriage - GENESIS

Faith Is Action - GENESIS

Faith is Resting - GENESIS

God’s Promise to Noah and Us - GENESIS

Populating the Earth After the Flood - GENESIS