What is the Holy Spirit? An influence or a personal part of God Himself? These half-hour talks explain both the crisis and progress experience of being Baptized with the Holy Spirit.

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Revival -

Forgiveness - REVIVAL

Jekyll Or Hyde? - REVIVAL

Can You Change? - REVIVAL

How will You live your life? - REVIVAL

Is it possible to be certain God Loves you? - REVIVAL

You Can Be Changed - REVIVAL

Give New Life a Chance - REVIVAL

Where does revival begin? - REVIVAL

To whom have you given your life? - REVIVAL

Why do we get Angry? - REVIVAL

Can God be Seen in You by Others? - REVIVAL

Living Beyond the Law - REVIVAL

How to Become a Christian - REVIVAL

A New Start - REVIVAL

Is Jesus God’s Son? - REVIVAL

Sinning-Our Need for Redemption - REVIVAL

Knowing God and Sinning - REVIVAL

Give us the Bad News First! - REVIVAL

A Complete Birth - REVIVAL

Death Faced without Fear - REVIVAL

Life Giving Life - REVIVAL

God Sweeps Away all Obstacles - REVIVAL

Black and White versus Grey Spirituality - REVIVAL

Half Alive - REVIVAL

Belief is Action - REVIVAL

Invaluable Pearl - REVIVAL

Living Saints - REVIVAL

Saints Set Apart - REVIVAL