What can we believe? Can the Bible offer reliable guidance for our careers, relationships, financial problems and the evil that appears to control our world today? Here are 300 intelligent, thoughtful “verse-by-verse” half-hour video expositions of the classic explanation of reality as explained in the Book of Romans.

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God’s Dilemma - Romans

Freedom from a selfish will - Romans

Freed from all evil - Romans

Why Am I not able to control Myself? - Romans

Letting go brings lasting Freedom - Romans

Living a consistant life Outwardly and Inwardly - Romans

Can we be Freed from Evil? - Romans

Free to Live - Romans

Breaking into a New Freedom - Romans

The Problem of Moral Impotence - Romans

Spontaneous Obedience - Romans

We can know and do what is right - Romans

Heart Freedom - Romans

Live Free From the Person You Once Were - Romans

From Unbalanced Emotions to an Amazing Life - Romans

Freedom and Slavery: A Beautiful Life - Romans

Does a Life of Shame Bring Death or Life? - Romans

A Complete Heart Transformation - Romans

In Search of the Free Gift - Romans

Our Conscience and the Law - Romans

The Law: A Mirror to See Inside - Romans

Living a Life of Distrust - Romans

Freedom to Be Ourselves - Romans

What the Law Exposes - Romans

The Law and a Life of Rationalization - Romans

Does Your Conscience Destroy Your Happiness? - Romans

Law Brings Freedom: Part 1 - Romans

Law Brings Freedom: Part 2 - Romans

Who Rules Your Life? - Romans

Stop Pretending - Romans

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