What can we believe? Can the Bible offer reliable guidance for our careers, relationships, financial problems and the evil that appears to control our world today? Here are 300 intelligent, thoughtful “verse-by-verse” half-hour video expositions of the classic explanation of reality as explained in the Book of Romans.

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The Problem Is What You Are - Romans

Inside Out or Outside In – Which Are You? - Romans

Are You Free? - Romans

Are You A Slave To Your Will Or Your Conscience? - Romans

The Mastery of The Will - Romans

The Devil Made Me Do It or A Willing Accomplice? - Romans

The Inner Conflict – Moral Impotence? - Romans

Principle of Garden of Eden - Romans

Chain Reactions in Life - Romans

Are You Being Real with Others? - Romans

Release From A Dual Personality - Romans

Self-Managed Conflict or Spirit-Directed Peace? - Romans

Hopelessness in Life - Romans

Are Peace and Joy Possible? - Romans

A Tendency to do Wrong - Romans

Do we Need Help to do Good? - Romans

Are you Plagued with Selfish Thoughts? - Romans

Life and Peace - Romans

Does Positive Thinking Have Life Power? - Romans

Can We Change Ourselves? - Romans

Two Ways to Live - Romans

Who Supplies Your Needs? - Romans

A Life Free From Stress - Romans

Who Cares For You? - Romans

The Frustrated Life - Romans

Who Plans Your Life? - Romans

Living as Children or Creatures - Romans

Why We Can Have Confidence - Romans

Fear or Trust? - Romans

What is Your Ruling Passion? - Romans