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Life’s Bus Ride -

Life is Meaningless -

Why Are We Alive? -

We Are All Unique -

Searching for Personal Acceptance -

Why Are You Here? -

Order and Design in Our World -

Order and Design – Evolution? -

Order and Design – Evolution Problems -

Order and Design- Amazing Universe -

Order and Design – Wonders of our Body -

Order and Design – Human Body -

Order and Design – Orderly World -

Order and Design – Orderly Cosmos -

Order and Design – Our Mind -

Order and Design – God’s Existence -

Does God Exist? -

Is God a Personal Being? -

Meaninglessness of Life -

Morality and our Conscience -

Morality and Selfishness -

Where does our Sense of Right and Wrong come from? -

Moral Intuition -

Evidence for God’s Existence -

Evidence for God’s Existence – The Cosmos -

Is There a God? -

What is God Like? -

Evidence for God’s Existence – Buddha Mohammed? -

Review of Why we are Alive -

Did God Communicate to us Through Buddha or Mohammed? -

Who Revealed God to Us? -

Personal God – Various Religions -

The World’s Religions -

The New Testament Bible Manuscripts -

Reliability of New Testament Manuscripts -

Historicity of Bible Documents -

Bible Evidence for Jesus Existence -

More Evidence for Bible Documents -

Bible Evidence for Jesus Life and Divinity -

Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus -

Jesus and Bible Manuscript Proofs -

Eyewitness Reports of Jesus Resurrection -

Evidence for Jesus Life – Ancient Manuscripts -

New Testament Manuscripts and Authors -

Jesus and the Authority of the Bible -

Meaninglessness of Life – Where are we Going? -

Order and Design – Jesus Life -

Who Was Jesus? -

Was Jesus a Myth, Liar or Lunatic? -

Was Jesus a Legend? -

Jesus: Lunatic, Myth or Son of God? -

Was Jesus the Son of Ggod? -

The Divinity of Jesus and His Miracles -

Evidence for the Resurrection of Christ -

More Evidence for Jesus Resurrection -

Theories for the Resurrection of Jesus -

Jesus Resurrection Evidence – the Apostles -

Proofs for Jesus Resurrection -

Jesus Resurrection: Hallucinations? -

More Proofs for Jesus Resurrection -

Jesus Resurrection Broke the Death Barrier -

More Evidence for the Resurrection of Christ -

Resurrection of Jesus – Leslie -

Resurrection of Jesus – Leslie Cont’d -

We are External Beings -

Our Search for Security -

Our Search for Significance and Happiness -

Personal Self-esteem -

Searching for Identity -

We are Unique in God’s Eyes -

Dissatisfaction with our Lives -

Why are we Anxious? -

God Gives us Security -

Trust in God or Circumstances? -

Happiness and Security -

Where Does our Security Come From? -

What is Real Love? -

Love’s Substitution -

How to be Happy and Secure -

Man Made in God’s Image -

Satisfied Living -

We are Made in God’s Image -

The Spirit of Man and God -

Is Jesus Divine? -

Body, Soul and Spirit of Man -

Love Relationship with God -

Do We Have Free Wills? -

We Were Made for God’s Love -

Does God Give Us a Free Will? -

You Were Made for Love -

We Are God’s Friends -

Fill up the Void in Your Life -

Why we Need Love and Significance -

Are you a Man Pleaser? -

Where Does Your Happiness Come From? -

Selfishness vs. Selflessness -

Happiness and Fulfillment -

Happiness in Your Circumstances -

Knowing God’s Will for Your Life -

Slave to People’s Opinions -

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