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Review of Christian Beliefs -

Ethical Teachings of Jesus -

God says each of us is Unique -

Is the Bible History? -

We are Empty Inside -

I Don’t Know Who I Am! -

Striving for Security in Life -

We Have no Identity -

Are You a People Pleaser? -

Our True Sense of Self -

Being a Slave to Circumstances -

We Need to be Born Again -

Life Only Has Meaning in Christ -

Repentance and New Birth -

We Need to be Changed Within -

Have You Ever Repented? -

We’re Slaves to Others Opinions -

The Need for Direction in our Lives -

Recreated by God -

Insecurity and Anxiety -

What are we Living For – Ourselves? -

Discovering the Real You 1 -

Discovering the Real You 2 -

Your Spirit is Alive in You -

Heavenly Security -

How can a Person be Born Again 1 -

How can a Person be Born Again 2 -

Repentance and Belief -

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