What is the Meaning of Life


“This series attempts to answer the questions ‘why are we alive?’, is there meaning and purpose to our lives, the problem of sin and selfishness, where our security comes from. The 10 minute talks will establish our uniqueness as God’s children by arguing for God’s existence, order and design in the universe, historicity of the Bible, Jesus’ divinity and resurrection. This is the groundwork for all of reality which ultimately enables us to find true happiness, security and redemption through God’s individual love for each of us.”

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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Analogy -

Our Inward Evil Nature -

Mankind’s Evil Nature -

How do We Become Evil? -

Jekyll and Hyde Illustration -

Why Do We Do Evil? -

Our Evil Nature -

Are You a Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde? -

Look to God for Security -

Deliverance from our Evil Nature -

Seeking Self-esteem -

Our Personality is Like Mr. Hyde -

Dealing with Anxiety and Worry -

Happiness and Illusion? -

The Nature of Man -

Humanity’s Evil Nature 1 -

Humanity’s Evil Nature 2 -

Humanity’s Evil Nature 3 -

Freedom from our Evil Desires -

Overcoming our Evil Nature -

The Mr. Hyde Personality -

Freedom from our Evil Nature -

God’s Remedy for Evil in Mankind -

Destruction of the Evil Nature -

How to be Free from Selfishness -

God’s Answer to Selfishness -

Self Deception -

Living Without God -

Deliverance from Selfishness -

Faith and Miracles -

Review of the Evil Nature Problem -

Holy Spirit in our Lives -

A New Creation in Christ -

Freedom from Worry and Anxiety -

What is the New Birth? -

The Dual Nature Personality in Us -

We have two Personalities -

Jesus and our Personality -

A new Start in Life -

Escaping Desperation -

Life is Bewildering -

Rejecting God -

God’s Plan for Your Happiness -

God Supplies our Needs -

Jekyll and Hyde in Christianity -

Order, Design and Purpose of Life -

We are Made in God’s Likeness -

Body, Soul and Spirit 1 -

Body, Soul and Spirit 2 -

Body, Soul and Spirit 3 -

Body, Soul and Spirit 4 -

Mystical Experiences -

Our Personality in Psychology -

How we Communicate with God -

God Made us for Love -

Conscience and our Personality -

God’s Voice in our Conscience -

God’s Voice in our Spirit -

Communion With God -

Love Relationship with our Creator -

Examining our Personality -

Who are we Inside? -

Communicating With God -

How do Conscience and Intuition Operate? -

Our Spirit Communicates with God -

Discussion on Man’s Personality -

Man is made up of Body, Soul and Spirit -

Importance of the Will in our Thinking -

What is Man? -

Our Mind is Dominated by our Body -

Importance of having a Good Personality -

Emptiness in Life -

Slave to our Bodies -

Living by Feelings and Emotions -

How can we Know God? -

God wants us as Friends -

Importance of Making Right Decisions -

How we Receive the New Birth -

Our Spirit is Dead Inside -

People Pleasers -

Review of Christian Beliefs -

Ethical Teachings of Jesus -

God says each of us is Unique -

Is the Bible History? -

We are Empty Inside -

I Don’t Know Who I Am! -

Striving for Security in Life -

We Have no Identity -

Are You a People Pleaser? -

Our True Sense of Self -

Being a Slave to Circumstances -

We Need to be Born Again -

Life Only Has Meaning in Christ -

Repentance and New Birth -

We Need to be Changed Within -

Have You Ever Repented? -

We’re Slaves to Others Opinions -

The Need for Direction in our Lives -

Recreated by God -

Insecurity and Anxiety -

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