What is the Meaning of Life


“This series attempts to answer the questions ‘why are we alive?’, is there meaning and purpose to our lives, the problem of sin and selfishness, where our security comes from. The 10 minute talks will establish our uniqueness as God’s children by arguing for God’s existence, order and design in the universe, historicity of the Bible, Jesus’ divinity and resurrection. This is the groundwork for all of reality which ultimately enables us to find true happiness, security and redemption through God’s individual love for each of us.”

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Meaninglessness of Life – Where are we Going? -

Order and Design – Jesus Life -

Who Was Jesus? -

Was Jesus a Myth, Liar or Lunatic? -

Was Jesus a Legend? -

Jesus: Lunatic, Myth or Son of God? -

Was Jesus the Son of Ggod? -

The Divinity of Jesus and His Miracles -

Evidence for the Resurrection of Christ -

More Evidence for Jesus Resurrection -

Theories for the Resurrection of Jesus -

Jesus Resurrection Evidence – the Apostles -

Proofs for Jesus Resurrection -

Jesus Resurrection: Hallucinations? -

More Proofs for Jesus Resurrection -

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