Why Are We Alive?

  • Theology


Is Christianity just a myth or fairy story? “Apologetics” means dealing with the defense of the Christian faith. So is there a God and did Jesus really exist? Did Jesus rise from the dead? If so, there must be reasoned historical evidence for this that goes beyond pure belief alone. Indeed there is – and these half-hour talks present intelligent, reasoned arguments for Jesus’ existence and deity as well as why the Bible has more original manuscript authority than any other historical document.

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The Doctrine of Salvation 9 - THEOLOGY

The Doctrine of Salvation 10 - THEOLOGY

What’s the Purpose for Your Life? - APOLOGETICS

Why are We Here on this Earth? - APOLOGETICS

Where Do We Get Our Moral Sense? - APOLOGETICS

Why is Belief in a God So Pervasive? - APOLOGETICS

Is There a God? Best Minds Viewpoints - APOLOGETICS

Is There a God? Misconceptions - APOLOGETICS

God–What Is He Like? - APOLOGETICS

The Bible is a History Book - APOLOGETICS

How Do You Know If The Facts In The Bible Occurred? - APOLOGETICS

Was The Original Record Of The Bible True? - APOLOGETICS

Did Jesus Return from Death? - APOLOGETICS

Was Jesus a Legend? - APOLOGETICS

Was Jesus a Lunatic? - APOLOGETICS

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