A Hope Against Hope


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Description: Until you allow God to destroy your old self, you will remain a 'do-gooder'.

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  • JoanneL says:

    “Human hope is what keeps a lot of us out of God. Human hope is looking at the probability in the light of human circumstances and hoping in the light of that.” Do you find yourself hoping that everything will turn out all right during these troubled times ? Where does GOD fit in with what we hope for? This is an interesting talk. The end of this tlak is something I never want to forget– especially when I am facing my own selfish actions and dark ways of thinking that only make me depressed.

    • worldinv says:

      There are so many things that we cannot explain. But, we can understand and experience the difference between “human hope” and “divine hope”. One is based on our fallen nature and one is based on God’s promises. In listening to these talks I have began to see a very encouraging possibility. We can be delivered from thinking on a human level. We do not have to get discouraged with all of today’s troubles. We have a loving Maker who is our Father who loves us, and it is possible for us to know Him personally. He has made provision for each of us get to know Him and His plan. As I listen to these talks it helps me to see outside of myself and into something most wonderful.

  • Dan says:

    A rare explanation of what a child of God is.

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