Can God Control Everything in my Life?


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Description: Even Pharaoh Hitler and Stalin were, at the right moment, under God's control when it came to protecting God's own people.

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  • […] Last Sunday’s Talk — based on Romans 9:17Your life is not just a combination of time plus chance. The incidents in your life ever since you were born are not just lucky or unlucky coincidences. You may remember we said, “The Creator that made the universe, who took the trouble to plan the wings of little flies and how many petals a daffodil would have, has gone to the same trouble over your creation and he has put you here with a special purpose in mind. He has a special design and plan for your life. Of course, we’ve also been saying that all of us are absolutely free and able to reject this plan or to accept it. We have free wills. We are not forced to accept God’s plan for us. (Continue reading transcript on website: […]

  • Dan says:

    It is time to stop blaming others for the problems we have in our lives. God, if we look to him is able to deal with every source of trouble in our lives.

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