Day 23: The Reconciliation


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Description: Living daily in reality is letting the son of our creator live through us the life his father has planned for you and for me. But we despise that whole reality and shift for ourselves-we never think of God living in us and wouldn't put up with it if we go

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  • Charlie Elmo Pershall says:

    Just True Reality
    There are a great many Gods, All Gods are only imaginary personages of worship, not creators. There is but One and only Great Creator that created all that exists and is in control of all creation.

  • Charlie Elmo Pershall says:

    True Science and Creation
    The Great Creator is similar, to electricity, unseen with the eyes.
    The Great Creator is the highest physics of all existence and is in control of all other physics, with no beginning and no end.
    All Truth, Matter, Space, Time, Energy, Intelligence, Knowledge and Understanding are all the components of the Great Creator; That had no beginning and has no end.
    True Science is the studies, Research, Knowledge and Understanding of the Great Creator’s Creation.
    Truth is all that truly exists; other than Truth there is just the concept of an absence.
    Knowledge is not created in the human brain; the brain is just designed and created to receive Knowledge and understanding.
    Since Matter has always existed, all creation is just the rearrangement of Matter. And we call that rearrangement, creation. Even growth in plant and animal life is just the rearrangement of Matter.
    The Great Creator is not one of those imaginary mythical gods that Christianity and all other religions worship.
    Gods are just imaginary mythical concepts of an imaginary mythical personage somewhere in space that Christianity and all other religions worship.
    It is True Science that has proven the existence of the Great Creator, by the discovery of the complex design and engineering of life and the intelligent design and engineering of this complex beautiful earth and solar system.
    And for all of Christianity and all other religions; our Ancient Brother Jesus was a True Scientist. he was not a worshiper of any of those Imaginary Mythical Gods That Christianity and all other religions worship.
    Some has doubts of the existence of Jesus; however, weather Jesus ever existed or not, has nothing to do with the life and teaching that is told about him.
    His life and teaching make very good sense and is very logical and successful.
    In fact, it is True Science.
    Just think what this world would be if all humanity understood the success of such a life. To create instead of killing and destroying.
    We who are honest do not claim to understand perfect truth, we just present our honest understanding.
    This is just words to the honest and wise: honesty and understanding is the only true belief. Without honesty and understanding we do not know what to believe.
    To accept others opinion of the truth without proving it to yourself; it is being deceived it is not believing.
    We must understand to believe.
    All Criticism is welcome, as thoughts of criticism are one of the processes of learning. True Criticism is presenting facts it is not name-calling and slander.
    Until Next time: Sweet Dreams: Truth will solve all our problems before we create them; and ignore or reject the truth; problems will multiply all by themselves; those problems will need no help.
    Have a great and a meaningful life if it is at all possible.
    Just whispers, of the Ghost of Reality!!

    • Myron says:

      Thank you for sharing Mr. Pershall. I can relate to a lot of what you say. Life is one great journey for each one of us, a journey that we believe has a purpose and a plan that comes from the heart of our Maker.
      It will be different for each of us. For myself, it meant breaking outside of the boundaries that had been programmed into me from my youth. I was brought up in a conservative hard-working small community. I just excepted everything I was told, it seemed good and logical. When I reached college age I left home, and for the first time I was forced to think for myself. Was there something to what I had been thought, or should I go looking further? Our website, “Truth Matters” delves into a very practical spiritual life. Yes, I know this sounds a bit “high minded”, but it is possible for each of us to individually get to know our Maker, and His son Jesus, and that He alone can give us the power to live a life pleasing to Him. Let’s keep sharing.

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